New York Real Estate Fund

Massive real estate projects

Our mission

To make it easier for you to invest in lucrative New York real estate.

At New York Real Estate Fund (NYREF), we act as the general contractor, project sponsor, and manager for real estate projects. Regardless of the size of the project, our team of dynamic and talented individuals has the passion and vision to lead the entire process with a spirit of innovation and without compromising the finesse and quality of design.

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We provide effective and efficient property management and strategic investment services to make the most of New York real estate development.

Whether you live in Paris, London, or Tel Aviv, our vision is to enable everyone to invest in New York real estate without having to travel. It is a complex task that we simplify by offering an all-inclusive and fully dematerialized management service for your rental investment.

As an independent and neutral player, NYREF puts its skills at the service of private and institutional owners while adhering to its values of integrity and transparency.


New York Real Estate Fund

A multitude of talents, one common standard

Our commitment

To offer you sound advice and represent you with integrity so that you can conveniently and safely manage your real estate investment project in New York without having to leave your home.

To deliver upon our commitment, we have built a strong network of partners to offer an all-in-one service for the proper management of a residential real estate investment in New York.

NYREF is an LLC formed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, and we take all our legal compliance obligations seriously. Rest assured, these real estate investments in the United States are perfectly legal and strictly regulated. We will never participate in or advise you to enter into any transaction that constitutes “tax evasion” in your country of residence. In addition, the US government is very supportive of foreign investment in its territory.

By supporting you every step of the way without charging fees, New York Real Estate Fund is positioned as the ideal partner for your real estate investment to be a success.

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