Terms of Use

  1. NYREF.ORG offers to guide and support investors in their search for real estate according to their specified criteria.
  2. It should be noted that the investor seeks the services of NYREF.ORG and that this support results in information sharing and establishing connections. In this context, NYREF.ORG can, in no case, be held to a performance obligation. All services rendered by NYREF.ORG is governed by the Service Agreement between NYREF.ORG and the Investor. NYREF.ORG does not offer any warranties of any nature that are not expressly included in the Service Agreement.
  3. NYREF.ORG is not a real estate agent (designated or under contract), nor a property manager, nor an insurance agent, nor any agent and principal relationship exist between the Investor and NYREF.ORG. NYREF.ORG services include bringing together knowledge, expertise, and experienced investors in the field of residential real estate development in New York City.
  4. NYREF.ORG and the investor are not bound by a mandate or by any services that could result in the billing of fees.
  5. NYREF.ORG does not guarantee in any way the market value, the rental profitability, or the resale value of the property in question.
  6. NYREF.ORG cannot guarantee the valuation or the projections of rents. These are for illustrative purposes only and represent only estimates considered realistic in the given market conditions and the valuation of comparable properties.
  7. NYREF.ORG can in no way be held responsible for the duration of the operations relating to the acquisition, construction, rental, or subsequent resale of the property in question.
  8. The services of NYREF.ORG do not include the drafting of legal acts necessary for the acquisition of the property in question and do not imply to provide legal advice as to the validity, interpretation, performance or contents of the acts related to this acquisition.
  9. NYREF.ORG does not advise investors in any way about the potential tax opportunities offered by their investment project.
  10. NYREF.ORG cannot be held responsible for any unforeseeable event constituting a case of force majeure or the triggering of administrative procedures in case of default, a possible remaining of an occupant in the property or the non-payment of the rent by a tenant. Therefore, the responsibility of NYREF.ORG cannot be engaged on these terms.

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