New York
Real Estate Fund

New York Real Estate Fund is a private equity fund specializing in real estate investments in New York City

Over the years, we have developed a real trust-based relationship with our partners, which include private and institutional investors, legal advisors, financial analysts, architects, engineers, and banks.

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A solid strategic consulting firm

New York Real Estate Fund has the privilege of being able to draw on the expertise, support, and relationships of one of the most diverse development and funding organizations in North America, namely the Triple Five Group of Companies.

Triple Five® Worldwide is a multinational development and financing company with offices in major North American and Canadian cities.

Triple Five®

Triple Five’s extensive experience enables them to successfully manage development projects and mixed-use activities around the world, covering the implementation, management, and exploration of world-class businesses in several areas:

  • shopping centers;
  • residential developments;
  • office buildings ;
  • tourism projects;
  • urban entertainment;
  • amusement recreation parks;
  • commercial and industrial real estate;
  • automotive and industrial manufacturing;
  • the exploitation of natural resources (oil, gas, and minerals);
  • technology;
  • venture capital;
  • banking and finance.

With experts in the real estate development industry having completed a wide range of mixed-use development projects, NYREF can take advantage of the invaluable strategic advice of this versatile partner.

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